Organizing Local Support

Depending on the amount of time you are willing to commit promoting Choose Responsibility, you may either want to organize a local supportive coalition or take on individual efforts. If you are interested in establishing a local committee or creating a coalition of organizations to promote Choose Responsibility's mission, these six steps can help facilitate the process.

  1. Inform yourself. If you havenít already, sign up as a volunteer and request that we send you a volunteer pack with the information you need to know to be a knowledgeable advocate for Choose Responsibility.
  2. Identify the aspect of the drinking age debate that will resonate with your target population. It is important to not discount the other issues, but
  3. Tap into existing organizations networks of contact where that issue will resonate. These may include local political organizations or parties, parent or teacher associations, small business owners, local service groups, media groups, school boards, public officials, or church groups.
  4. If you can get other organizations to take up the issue (parents associations, drunken driving task forces, community councils) then you may very well not need to create a standalone organization. But first you must . . .
  5. Show that this issue is important to the community. Use local events to show that the way society introduces alcohol to its young adults is currently inadequate and can be improved.
  6. Once you have mobilized a group interested in the issue, spread the word about the viable alternative Choose Responsibility promotes to the current legal drinking age. See What Can Our Group Do? and What Can I DO?