What Can I Do?

Use the Web

  • Post information about [CR] on online bulletins or websites.
  • Blog about [CR], or start a blog that discusses the unintended consequences of Legal Age 21.
  • Add Choose Responsibility’s blog to your blog roll.
  • Make a YouTube Video about the Drinking age.
  • Join our Facebook or MySpace Group, or create your own.
  • Become our friend on Facebook (Choose Responsibility is, indeed, listed as a person)
  • Add our Blog feed to your website or homepage (RSS): http://blog.chooseresponsibility.org/feed/

Contact Your Elected Officials

Consider writing a letter to your elected officials:

Use the Media

  • Plan a special media event to raise awareness about Choose Responsibility and the shortcomings of Legal Age 21.
  • Send announcer copy to your favorite radio personality. Ask them to read these scripts on the air. Find local station contacts using the phone book or Internet search engines.
  • Write a Press Release for events where a discussion of the drinking age is on the agenda.
  • Write an op-ed to your local newspaper's editorial page staff. Ask them to print it when appropriate. No newspaper is too small. Need ideas for an Op-Ed? We can help.
  • Call your local television stations to suggest a news story on the effects of the 21 year-old drinking age.
  • Host a brown bag lunch or broadcast breakfast for reporters in your area who cover the education, lifestyle, business, or science and health. Inform them of the unintended consequences of the 21 year-old drinking age.
  • Submit one of our sample columns for publication in a local newspaper, or news website. Reprint permission is granted, as long as the content is not changed.
  • Ask a local media personality to participate in a community public service announcement for reexamining Legal Age 21.
  • Prepare a letter to the editor calling for a lower drinking age. Use recent events in the community to elucidate your argument. Send it to a local newspaper, community newsletter, or local news website.
  • Issue a statement with or without a signing ceremony (by the Governor, Mayor, County Executive, City Council, or County Board). Write a Press Release for the event.
  • If you are in a college community consider organizing a symposium on the effects of the 21 year-old drinking age.

Spread the Word

  • Share our [CR] Quick Information Sheet (attached below) with your local community. It can be printed at any scale, from default letter to poster size.

[CR] Quick Information Sheet