What Can Our Group Do?

Once you have a group of people interested in reopening the drinking age debate, it is important to spread the message to the greater community. It is probably best to convene a meeting of your group members to talk about ways to promote the issue. You know your community best. After all, you live there. Here are some of our ideas.

  • Send Choose Responsibility information to organizations that have may be potentially interested in the [CR] message.  Ask them to publicize the existence of [CR] and the local efforts on its behalf through their website, email list, newsletters, meetings, or by other communication. Work with other national or state organizations to find out if there are opportunities to combine forces in promoting [CR].
  • Petition city, community, county, student, or school council to discuss the issues of drinking and driving, binge drinking, and the effects of the drinking age on young adult populations. 
  • Arrange a pledge for students at local schools stating that they won't drink and drive. Coordinate this pledge with a media event hosted by an area school or club.
  • Reproduce the [CR] materials on this website and share at other conferences and meetings you attend during the year.
  • Plan a special community forum to publicize the issue of binge drinking and the drinking age.
  • Sponsor a [CR] booth at a local fair or farmerís market. Alternatively, distribute materials at a high profile event.
  • Ask local bookstores, public library, political offices, cafes, and other venues to distribute [CR] pamphlets or hang [CR] posters.
  • Organize a community debate or forum on the current drinking age. If the event looks promising, contact our office about the availability of our director, board member, or another expert to speak at the forum.