Alcohol and You: For Educators

As a leader and role model for young people, you’ve no doubt dealt with excessive drinking and its alarming consequences. Binge drinking has become the norm for the students you deal with on a daily basis, and will continue as such until we can come up with a fresh approach to this complex social issue.
Legal Age 21 is not working – not in urban America, not in rural America, not on college campuses, not in, or out of, households, not in white collar America, not in blue collar America, and perhaps most emphatically not among adolescents age 13-17, where drinking is a more serious problem than ever before.

Those who, like Choose Responsibility, believe that we can do better, cannot simply call for lowering the drinking age. But you might join us in promoting a program of education and licensing. This idea holds great promise, in much the same way that drivers’ education, which is based on a common curriculum, a partnership between home, school, and government, and an incentive, in the form of a license, prepares young people to operate a motor vehicle responsibly.

Please join Choose Responsibility in initiating an informed public debate about the effects of Legal Age 21. Together, we can tap into the power of reality-based education and attack the culture of excessive drinking that has come to mark adolescence and young adulthood in the United States.