Alcohol and You: For Young Adults

There are over 12 million 18 – 20 year olds in our society who are considered adults by the law but are not being treated as adults.  It's time to do something about it.

The law is clear. On your 18th birthday, you became an adult. You are mature enough to vote, serve on a jury, sign a contract, and even to place your life on the line in combat. But despite being entrusted with these highest responsibilities of citizenship, you may not purchase, possess, or consume alcohol until you turn 21. Given this alarming contradiction, it is not surprising that the vast majority of young people in America began drinking before they were legally allowed.

Join us in challenging this single exception, and in attacking the culture of excessive drinking that faces so many of young adults today. The time has come for a change, and Choose Responsibility is here to empower you to make a difference in your communities, on your campuses and bases, and among your friends and families. We have seen throughout history that when young people get engaged in a debate that they can have a profound impact on public policy.

It is time we Get Real about:
  • The reality of alcohol in young adults lives
  • Ending the peer pressure to drink to excess
  • Acting like an adult because you are an adult

Are you ready?

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