Kathleen's Story (Continued)

Ali's death made me realize that the 21-year-old minimum drinking age is completely ineffective.  The law doesn't keep young people from drinking. Instead, it actually encourages them to do so behind closed doors, too often with hard alcohol and completely without the supervision of older adults who could have a moderating influence on how they drink.

Soon, after speaking with my sister about Ali's death, I discovered Choose Responsibility.  As I learned more about [CR], I found support for many of my own questions and beliefs. In my opinion, parents should have more of a role in introducing alcohol to their children in a controlled environment.  Most importantly, [CR] believes that we can create a culture that promotes education and responsibility and discourages the reckless behavior that is so common on college campuses across the country. Because they know we must.

I know that as someone who cares about this growing problem, you're as concerned as I am about our nation's toxic drinking culture.  We cannot afford to continue to turn a blind eye to this crisis, or cross our fingers and hope for the best when we send our children off to college. Whether or not we choose to admit it, our children are facing enormous pressure to engage in abusive and irresponsible drinking. This status quo cannot stand--not when our children's lives are at stake.

At her funeral, Ali's uncle said to those in attendance, "I am here to tell you if it can happen to Ali it can happen to you."

I received my wake up call when it was too late.  I urge you to act now before you or someone you know has to suffer a loss like the one my family has had to endure, a loss NO family should have to endure.

Please consider supporting Choose Responsibility's efforts to re-think the drinking age. One life saved is worth all the effort.

For Young Adults

Choose Responsibility recognizes that you are legally an adult and exists to empower you to speak up and make a difference.

For Educators

Choose Responsibility wants to help you understand and deal effectively with the realities of alcohol in the lives of young adults.

For Parents

Choose Responsibility is here to help you affirm and fulfill your parental role as your sons and daughters become adults.