Like a driver’s license, the drinking license—ideally an addition to a driver’s license that can be electronically scanned to prevent falsification—is subject to adherence to the law. We advocate that:

Any applicant for the license found to be in violation of a state’s alcohol laws (for instance a Minor in Possession) prior to the age of 18 should be ineligible for licensing for a period of time to be determined by the state but for not less than 12 months for each violation.

Any holder of the provisionary license will be suspended immediately upon citation for—and forfeited upon conviction of—any violation of a state’s alcohol laws.

In order to avoid public outcry over “blood borders” as occurred in the early 1980s when young adult drivers crossed state lines to purchase or consume alcohol in states with lower drinking ages, drinking licenses will be limited to use only in the state in which the young adult has declared residency, unless a state chooses to make them otherwise portable.