Official Petition to STOP the Government’s Legal Drinking Age Experiment

WHEREAS:  Today in America when you turn 18 you’re an adult in the eyes of the law — you can get married, vote and seek public office, purchase firearms, serve on a jury, buy a house, and join the military; yet, you cannot purchase and consume alcohol. 

WHEREAS:  The fact is, the current legal drinking age law has done nothing to protect young adults – if anything the government’s attempt to regulate decisions that should be made at a state level and in the home has driven excessive binge drinking underground and turned it into a serious and growing problem;

WHEREAS:  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “underage drinking is a leading public health problem in America;”

WHEREAS:  Right now, over 5,000 people under the age of 21 die each year from alcohol-related causes;

THEREFORE: Be it resolved, that I as an American citizen, voter, and adult, fully support Choose Responsibility’s campaign to launch this important debate on the failure of the current drinking age law, and to ensure the reality of alcohol consumption in America is represented by our nation’s laws.


  • Anna S., Burlington, Vermont
  • Emily R., Fredericksburg , Virginia
    My brother was recently killed in a drunk driving accident. He was a passenger. He was 21. It was no his time.
  • Cortney F., portsmouth, Ohio
  • William M., Colville, Washington
    As a Nam Vet who spent his 20th and 21st birthday in country, who presently has an active duty soldier serving this Great Nation about to be deployed who is under 21 years of age I STONGLY support lowering the leagle drinking age. Thank you.
  • Chad T., Fort Morgan, Colorado
  • Bob R., Arlington, Texas
  • Tom A., Hudson, New Hampshire
    To see how much good the underage drinking laws do, visit my Memorial To Double Victims at
  • Vit B., Rolling Meadows, Illinois
  • Keith H., Mason, Ohio
  • Steven A., Pueblo, Colorado
  • Carol R., Olympia, Washington
  • Terri H., Martinsville, Indiana
    If a kid can die for our country, he/she should be able to have a beer.
  • Nick D., Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Robert S., Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Michael G., Annapolis, Maryland
  • Grace K., Burlington, Vermont
    I fully support [CR]'s efforts to challenge the 21 year-old drinking age!

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