Parker, Colorado

I went up to a university for a semester and found out what a college party really was about. Excessive drinking out of coolers filled with beer, vodka, and any other alcohol people could get a hold of. It would be wise for young girls to say no to drinks like this because of the ever popular use of date rape drugs, however they throw caution to the wind and drink it anyway because they canít go to a bar or club where they can be monitored. I have friends that have been drugged. I had to take my roommate back to our dorm because she had been slipped something. Iím not saying this would have happened at a club or bar by any means. I am saying however that I couldnít take her to the hospital because she was under age as was I. Also the restaurant I was working for recently closed and finding a new job has been a nightmare. To my shock when I went to apply at a restaurant as a server I was told I canít serve because I am not 21, even though the age to serve alcohol is 18. I canít go to certain places to go watch concerts because I am not 21. I can almost gaurentee that the economy will start doing better if the drinking age was lowered because the 12 million young adults between the ages of 18 and 20 could go out and do more. I just think its not right that I can join the army, die for my country, pay taxes, sign contracts, serve on a jury, and vote but I canít buy wine for my mom to cook dinner with.

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