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At the age of 16 American citizens are given the privilege and responsibility to drive. At the age of 18 Adolescents are classified as adults. When an Adolescent turns 18 they are given the rights to vote, serve in the military, buy tobacco, and thatís a small portion of rights that 18-year-old adults are given. The word ďadultĒ means, a person that is fully grown or developed. That is why there are many rights that are given to a United States citizen once they turn 18. If a person at the age of 18 is able to drive, vote, serve jury duty, fight for our country, get married, live on their own, and in some states even gable. Has prohibition taught the United States anything? Obviously not, because with the drinking age set at the highest age in the world when it comes to the legal age to drink. Being a 19-year-old United States citizen living on my own at college, I am very befuddled at our government, its actions, and stupidity. The ďyoung adults 18Ē are supposedly given a voice in our countries government, but that voice we are given is hidden behind the prejudice views and preconceived notions that our government has made. These views have hidden the voice of the people that laws actually have an affect on especially when it comes to the legal drinking age. I have never had the right to vote and express my views as an adult about the drinking age. The proposals are always getting shot down before any person gets to express their views and vote on the legal drinking age. I know that I am very young and have a small percentage of life experience, but on this topic, I have lived it, and I am living it right now. There are many adults between the ages of 18-20 that are not hearing, because they are not taken serious. Well government takes a look at this. In 2008 120 college presidents declared that they do not believe that the drinking age of 21 is decreasing the amount of under age drinking, but it is pushing drinking underground for adults under the age of 21, and they blame the government for this. The government is singlehanded being the most ignorant organization, in regards to the drinking age. Is the government not seeing what every else into this country is? Adults under the age of 21 are not going to stop drinking because of a law, obviously it is going to force it underground, hence prohibition. Prohibition worked greatly didnít it government, it lasted a whole 10 years, not counting the year or more it took to pass the law to make drinking legal again. Drinking under age for 18-20 year old adults can be looked at in two different ways. It can be accepted, thus giving this age group a responsibility, or enforced and digging a hole even for something that is already dug to far to get out of. Face it government and accept the facts that drinking is going to happen amongst under age adults, and donít try and communistically try and stop all under age drinking, because guess what the rates of under age drinking has risen. The facts donít lie, so do something about it reasonably and stop ignoring reality. How about doing things such as these to improve problems with drinking under age. Lower the drinking age to 18 with guidelines -Anyone under the age of 21 has to take an alcohol class and pass, before legally purchasing or consuming alcohol. -No person still in high school can be allowed to take this class until they have graduated high school, or turns 19. -If a person that does not have an alcohol license and is caught will be punished with an even higher fine, and the school and law will have higher punishments for these actions. Drinking while driving -Raise the punishment of drinking and driving period. -Raise it even more for anyone under the age of 23. -Create mandatory classes in high school and college devoted to the importance of not drinking and driving. -Use the policemen that patrol college campuses for MIPís, to focus on the roads, and not the side walks. -Tell MADD to not only focus on people under the age of 21. -Make 18 year olds take a separate class to renew their driverís license focusing on drunk driving and the importance of not doing it. -If a drunk driving charge is given, the license of anyone under the age of 23 will be take until they turn 23. These are just some of the many things the government can do but it does not, because they fear the truth that they were wrong in the past, and they are wrong. When is America going to have a president that steps up like a man and admits to this countries ignorance? MADD or mothers against drunk driving has been the main counter argument against the lowering of the drinking age, and they are ignorant themselves. MADD keeps implying that the amount of drunk driving arrest has gone down since the 21 drinking age law came into effect. There is truth behind that fact, but has it lowered drinking? No, it has raised it and this is exactly why I never here about mothers against under age drinking because thatís the real issue right? There has been less drunk driving arrest because the majority of the population today was able to drink at the age of 18. Responsibility was given to them and in takes the baby boomers learned. Good job MADD, you just proved the opposing point. Drinking and driving is wrong, and i am and more than guilty and so our peers, but the reason for that is acceptance. If the parents have been able to drink at the age of 18, then there is no better time to make the drinking age 18. If parents of the generation have been in the middle, let the parents influence their children about drinking and driving. I have had many views about this topic, but this is what came to my mind while writing about it. Leave comments, send it to anyone, but just share it to anyone who knows where anyone under 21 feels. Our parents have had the right to drink at 18 so why should we be punished for our parents wrong and right doing? Look at the majority age average at each decade, and the pattern that occurs. As Obama says ďItís Time For Change.Ē

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Recently, I was at a party that got busted by the girl's parents. They freaked out, and because they were afraid to get in trouble for having drunk minors around, kicked us all out, but only letting the "sober" kids drive. That was my first and only experience being in the car with a drunk driver, and it would have been avoided if the drinking age was 18.

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Andres Osorio


I traveled abroad and I saw many teens have a glass of wine or a beer with their parents for dinner.I did not see kids in the streets getiing trashed because abroad liquor is no big deal to teens.The reason why Teens binge drink over here is because adolescents rebel and they want what they cant have. So if the age limit was lower teens would still drink but not to get drunk

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Parker, Colorado

I went up to a university for a semester and found out what a college party really was about. Excessive drinking out of coolers filled with beer, vodka, and any other alcohol people could get a hold of. It would be wise for young girls to say no to drinks like this because of the ever popular use of date rape drugs, however they throw caution to the wind and drink it anyway because they canít go to a bar or club where they can be monitored. I have friends that have been drugged. I had to take my roommate back to our dorm because she had been slipped something. Iím not saying this would have happened at a club or bar by any means. I am saying however that I couldnít take her to the hospital because she was under age as was I. Also the restaurant I was working for recently closed and finding a new job has been a nightmare. To my shock when I went to apply at a restaurant as a server I was told I canít serve because I am not 21, even though the age to serve alcohol is 18. I canít go to certain places to go watch concerts because I am not 21. I can almost gaurentee that the economy will start doing better if the drinking age was lowered because the 12 million young adults between the ages of 18 and 20 could go out and do more. I just think its not right that I can join the army, die for my country, pay taxes, sign contracts, serve on a jury, and vote but I canít buy wine for my mom to cook dinner with.

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Laura Frederick

Page, AZ

Our son, Shane, went to a college party after a football game with a rival school, at a house off the University of Dubuque campus. There was underaged drinking going on. The police came on a noise complaint. The kids all got very scared and several went out windows. Our son stepped out onto the second story roof, slipped and fell to his death (after lingering for a week in ICU) We truly believe if the poluce had not come and scared the students our son would be alive today.

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